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SOME FRIENDS ONLY BANNERS. [07 Mar 2005|05:55am]
- comment & credit.

i decided to take a little break from the icon making, 'cause i didn't wanna get burnt out on it. but i had to do something tonight to keep my mind off of things, so i made a few friends only banners. there's 2 alex/marissa, 1 sandy/kirsten and 1 seth/summer.
p.s. i have all of them without the "friends only" part, in case anyone wanted them as banners. i dont wanna post them unless anyone wanted them though, so if you did.. comment and i'll reply to you with whichever one you want.


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if you got here through a community and still haven't added me, please do so here. thanks a ton. <3
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PLEASE READ THIS. [05 Mar 2005|01:17pm]
i have gone completely FRIENDS ONLY again. if you wanna see my icons, please scroll down and find my friends only post. comment there & add me and i'll be sure to add you back as soon as possible.

in fact, even if you add me and don't comment.. i'll add you back. i just don't like when you comment and don't add me first. but either way, add me and i'll add you. i'll be quicker to add you if you comment though.

it's really that easy! so do it. :)

"even though nobody's looking, she's falling apart."
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MORE ICONS. [03 Mar 2005|08:45am]
- Comment & Credit.

Oh goody, more icons. I actually spent all last night on these. Like the last nine hours. Hope you enjoy them, since I spent so much time on them! I started getting lazy a few times, so sorry for crappiness. It's really girls from The OC, but Seth is in there a little. Lemme know what you think!

P.S. Still not Friends Only yet, I'm thinking after a few more entries from now on, I'll make the old and new entries Friends Only and have people add me if they wanna see the icons. Spread the word for me. <3

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A FEW ICONS & FO BANNERS. [02 Mar 2005|07:37am]
- Comment & Credit.

Just a few icons. I've had a really long day, but I figured I'd make a couple. I've been in the mood lately. I'm going to make a ton later today and tomorrow, I was just too tired tonight to finish. Here they are:

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And then I made three Friends Only banners. I made three different types of all of them (different borders and colors), but then I just stuck with the originals. If you like them, lemme know.. maybe I'll post the others. I'm also going to make a few more later. Here:

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P.S. Not Friends Only again, because I'm trying to get the word out a little more and get people seeing them again before closing it off again.
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NEW ICONS. [28 Feb 2005|06:26am]
- Comment & Credit.

Okay, I'm really sorry that it's been so long since I've posted. I thought I had more motivation since everyone had said not to quit and I wanted so badly to make more icons, but I just didn't have the inspiration. This last episode was amazing though and I decided to make more icons. Not a whole lot, but I actually use PSP now and not PAINT. Yes, my old icons were actually all done from paint. I hope you guys like these though, I experimented a lot. Lemme know what you think.

P.S. If you took me off your friends list or never added me, please put me back on or add me. Thanks.
THIS ENTRY IS NOT FRIENDS ONLY. They will continue to be again, after this one.

+ Comment.
+ Credit.
+ Enjoy.

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FRIENDS ONLY. [24 Apr 2004|05:19pm]
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